26th Jan 2021
3 min read

ARK Announces Partnership With Hive Pay

As we approach the launch of MarketSquare, we want to give our community an inside look at some of the partnerships we have formed. These strategic partnerships will not only help make MarketSquare the new homepage for the decentralized web but will also create inroads between ARK and other projects looking to build and collaborate together. Today we would like to introduce you to Hive Pay!

What is Hive Pay?

Hive Pay is a merchant solution that allows merchants and vendors to easily accept payments in Hive and Hive-engine tokens. With a few simple lines of code, a merchant can add a Hive Pay button to their checkout pages.

You can check out their Developer Documentation .

The interface focuses on ease of use, providing multiple options for the user including selecting payment methods. Users can select from over 171 fiat-based currencies and 160 Hive and Hive-Engine Tokens.

Another area where Hive Pay simplifies the choice for merchants accepting crypto is in their pricing. When compared to popular methods like PayPal and Stripe, Hive Pay’s transaction fees are minimal. There are no network or gas fees when using Hive and Hive Pay only charges a 0.5% transaction fee. They also have incentives and bonuses which cut the transaction fee in half to 0.25%

When looking for e-commerce solutions in crypto the list of available options can be overwhelming. However, if you are looking for a quick and simple way to accept Hive, Hive Pay has you covered.

To learn more about Hive Pay, check out their website HivePay.io

Hive Pay and MarketSquare

By partnering with Hive Pay, we continue to showcase a variety of DApps and projects from the Hive Ecosystem. From games to projects, to payment solutions, we want people that come to learn about Hive to get the full picture of what the Hive Ecosystem has to offer.

While you wait for the MarketSquare Beta, be sure to sign up at MarketSquare.io and subscribe to our YouTube channel for an upcoming video about Hive Pay.

As we continue to make inroads with different partners, it is important to us to provide value for joining MarketSquare. Imagine being new to blockchain and new to Hive. Where do you start? Hopefully, it’ll be on MarketSquare. For each of the major platforms that join us, you will find a specialized hub that features all the major applications, curated content and news from around that platform’s ecosystem. We are starting with Hive and will be adding more hubs as time goes on.

We will be releasing a blog article soon detailing hubs and all the great things you’ll be able to find within them. For now, we are happy to be welcoming Hive Pay to our growing list of partners for MarketSquare.

Make sure to join MarketSquare by becoming a part of our growing community on Discord , YouTube , and Twitter .


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