29th May 2024
4 min read

ARK Connect Updates - Send, Receive and Address Book

The new ARK Connect release is now available, featuring several new features that improve its usability within the ecosystem. This update includes native support for sending and receiving transactions directly within the extension, eliminating the need for third-party apps or services. Additionally, a new Address Book feature has been added, allowing users to manage and access their favorite contacts when sending transactions easily.

To get this latest release, update or install by visiting the Chrome App Store or the Firefox Add-Ons page.

Send & Receive Feature

The Send and Receive features are easily accessible at all times on the extension’s dashboard page. Clicking on either feature opens a dedicated flow for that action. For new or empty addresses, the Send button will be disabled due to insufficient funds to initiate a transaction. Users will receive feedback when hovering over the button, informing them of this.


When you press ‘Send,’ a new page will open to initiate the send flow. On the initial screen, you can fill in the Recipient, Amount, and an optional Memo, and select or set the fee for the transaction. The second screen allows you to review the transaction details. The final step is to either Allow or Deny the transaction. By allowing it, the transaction will be broadcast to the network. Once it is included in a block, you will see the success screen. It’s that easy, all from within the extension!


To set parameters for receiving tokens to your address, press the ‘Receive’ button on the dashboard. This will open a page displaying relevant details. At the top, you’ll see the Recipient, which is your currently set primary address, along with an easy way to copy your address. Below this, you’ll find a QR code containing all the necessary data to receive coins at your address. The QR code automatically updates if you use the Specify Amount feature, which lets you set the amount you want to receive and an optional Memo if you want to include a message. The QR code will incorporate this data as well.

Address Book Feature

An additional feature we have added is the ‘Address Book,’ accessible from the three-dot menu in the far right corner of the navigation bar. The Address Book lets you add your favorite contacts, making it easier to send funds. You can also easily edit or remove contacts. On the ‘Send’ page, you can search through your contacts by pressing ‘Address Book’ or by typing the contact’s name in the input field. Contacts are saved per network, so switching to another network will show contacts for that network.

Other Changes

There is more to this release than the above-mentioned new features, the new release also includes some other improvements and fixes that users from previous versions reported.

You can check the whole changelog on our release page on GitHub .

What’s Next?

Next on the development list are two features slated for upcoming releases. The focus will shift to adding a new ‘Themes’ feature, allowing users to choose between the current green theme and a new blue theme, which is also used as the default in ARK Vault. This blue theme will become the default theme of the app, ensuring a seamless transition when moving from ARK Scan to ARK Connect or from ARK Vault to ARK Connect.

Additionally, we will be integrating the ‘Vote,’ ‘Unvote,’ and ‘Swap Vote’ transaction types natively into the ARK Connect extension. This will transform ARK Connect from merely an identity app for Web3 into a versatile hot wallet for daily use, enabling users to send funds and vote for delegates directly from the extension.

How Can I Help?

We encourage you to update or install ARK Connect by visiting the Chrome App Store or the Firefox Add-Ons and thoroughly test all the new functionalities added in this release.

Should you encounter any issues during testing, please report them by opening an issue on GitHub .

We extend our gratitude to everyone who continues to provide valuable feedback and report any issues encountered while using ARK Connect.

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