22nd Sep 2021
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ARK Core v3 Is Live On The ARK Public Network

Core v3 is now live and running on the Public Network. Thanks to delegates (and voters) who accepted the proposed upgrade you will soon be able to use Vote Switch that lets you unvote and vote in the same transaction, experience the all-new Explorer, the soon to be released Payvo Wallet with native V3 support, as well as Nodem, which is in the final stages of development, and much more!

Reminder: Exchanges have their own schedules and will be back online for deposits and withdrawals once they have finished their upgrades, maintenance and testing procedures. If you still have issues with any exchanges or require additional information with exchanges, please contact the exchange in question.

Core v3

ARK Core v3 is now fully released and the migration of the ARK Public Network has been completed by the network delegates.

Core v3 has been in development for over a year and along with our other Core related products – Explorer, Nodem, and Deployer, it sets the foundation for the future of the ARK Public Network.

For a full list of changes from ARK Core v2.x, you can read the full changelog on GitHub as well as read our Core v3 development blog posts that cover our overall philosophy for the current changes:

Anyone still running Core v2.7 on ARK Public Network can upgrade their nodes to v3.0 by following instructions here . If you are setting up a new node you can follow instructions here . All API changes are listed here .

AIP37 - ‘Vote Switch’ will be triggered at block number 17,632,000 which should happen on the 23rd of September 2021 around 12:00 PM UTC. Vote Switch makes it possible to unvote and vote for a delegate in the same transaction and any node still running on Core v2.7 after the initial ‘Vote Switch’ transaction will fork.

Our thanks to delegates Alessio and Cactus1549 who have developed the Core Bridge plugin that helped delegates with a smoother transition from v2.7 to v3.0 on their nodes.


Full support of Core v3 has been integrated for all of the below SDKs:

ARK Explorer

With the release of the new Core we have also developed an all-new Block Explorer from scratch using Laravel that now features a unified design that we’re using across our entire suite of products. It brings a lot of new utilities along with it as well, such as a statistics page , a new delegate monitor and much more.

New explorer is accessible at Explorer.ARK.io and codebase for it will be made public in the upcoming days.

ARK Desktop Wallet

The latest version of the ARK Desktop Wallet has been released for quite some time now (v2.9.5). It is fully compatible with Core v3. Users who haven’t updated their wallet in a while should update to this latest wallet as Core v3 now supports ‘Vote Switch’ (unvoting of a previous delegate and voting of a new delegate in the same transaction) as we’ve made it easier to switch your vote seamlessly within one transaction.

You can download the latest release from ARK.io/Wallet .

If you are using Ledger Hardware Wallets (Nano S or X) make sure to update to the latest version of the Ledger ARK App (v2.3.0) to start using ‘Vote Switch’. Running outdated versions may cause issues if you’d try to unvote and vote in the same transaction with Ledger. In order to update to the latest ARK App, download the latest Ledger Live and update your Ledger firmware and then to the latest version of ARK App within their Manager.

‘Vote Switch’ will be possible after block 17,632,000 gets forged.

ARK Mobile Wallet

The New ARK Mobile Wallet v1.9.2 has been released that is fully compatible with Core v3 changes. If you are using ARK Mobile make sure to update to this latest version as previous versions are incompatible with Core v3. ARK Mobile Wallet is available for:


Nodem is the next item on our roadmap to be released to the public. It is in the final stages of development before we do our internal closed beta testing. A beta version of Nodem for community testing will be released in the upcoming weeks.


After we release Nodem our focus will shift towards Deployer. While Deployer’s back-end is mostly done, there are still some UI updates that will be required as we unify the user experience and interface design across all of our products. Once all of that is complete we will do our final closed beta testing prior to releasing an open public beta version. You can expect the Deployer open beta release after Nodem has been released for public use.

What’s Next?

We have outlined the next major roadmap items for ARK Core in a previous blog post .

The entire ARK team is excited for what is to come with the new version of Core 3.0 and our upcoming products. We would like to thank our development team for their hard work in achieving this major milestone.


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