14th Oct 2020
3 min read

ARK Core v3.0 is Now Live On Development Network

ARK Core v3.0 is now live on our public Development Network! Our Core is the engine of the ARK Blockchain Framework, the most open and adaptable framework for building Blockchain applications. ARK Core v3 is a major upgrade to our framework and further positions ARK as The Simplest Way to Blockchain. You too can actively participate in testing and providing feedback by joining our community chat.

Why the Update?

The reason for the update to ARK Core v3 goes far beyond ‘higher version number = better’. Moving to ARK Core v3 finally provides a fully modular architecture that lets developers customize their chain to fit their application’s specific needs. While Core v2 provided the initial push towards being fully modular, some elements of prior ARK Core versions were still intertwined to the point where small modifications of one area could have large and unintended impacts on another. Core v3 brings much more structure and separation of components than any previous Core version. For example, Core Kernel has been completely separated, so running and updating your chain will become a breeze (more so with our upcoming Deployer and Nodem products).

What’s New in Core v3?

It is important to understand that ARK Core v3.0 is a massive improvement over every version of ARK Core released thus far. To get a deeper understanding of how it all works, check out our Let’s Explore ARK Core Series that examines the upgrades and improvements the development team made to the Core infrastructure:

For a full list of current changes and upgrades, take a look at the Core V3 Changelog . Even more may come as a result of this testing phase.

What’s Next for Core?

Core v3 is a critical step towards our master goal of building an ecosystem of interconnected Blockchains, with the ARK Public Network at its center. Core v3 gets us a step closer to the next important development milestone - consensus mechanism update that improves finality for the ARK Public Network and ARK-based chains. This finality update will enable ARK HTLC SmartBridge technology to operate safely and securely on the networks. When Core v3 is stable and running on the ARK Public Network, we can turn our attention to this consensus upgrade that will link all compatible ARK-based chains to the ARK Public Network in a decentralized way.

Getting Involved

Now that we have successfully migrated to Core v3, it is time to ramp up some hands-on testing on Development Network. We have a great group of Delegates running the ARK Public Network and we hope to see those Delegates play an active role in testing Core v3. We would also love to see new faces jump in and assist with testing as well. During this initial release, you will see further minor updates to Core v3 as we correct bugs and stability issues. The more hands we have on deck, the faster we will get Core v3 live on the ARK Public Network!

The duration of the testing period will depend on feedback received and issues discovered, but we will keep you all informed on our progress every step of the way as Core v3 makes its way towards full deployment on the ARK Public Network.

If you would like to get involved in testing on Development Network make sure you join us on Discord (#devnet channel).


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