5th Apr 2024
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ARK Development Report - April 5, 2024

Welcome to our latest Weekly Development Report, where we spotlight the valiant efforts of our development team. During this week, we focused on designing and drafting specifications for new ARK Connect features, alongside efforts to refactor certain components. The ARK Scan and ARK Vault teams made progress on integrating with Mainsail. Additionally, the Mainsail team prepared a new release for the testnet, incorporating fixes and enhancements. We also worked on outlining tests aimed at stress testing the testnet network.

Development Summary

Below is a breakdown of total commits and authors by project for development activity over the last week from March 29th through April 5th, 2024.

Project Commits Authors
ARK Connect 13 3
ARK Scan 25 2
ARK Vault 19 3
Mainsail 25 3

Overall, the team has demonstrated consistent productivity and engagement over this period, with a total of 82 commits across all projects.

The number of commits and data for each project will fluctuate every week depending on internal sprints, objectives, and difficulty.

ARK Connect Weekly Progress

In the past week, our focus has been outlining, designing, and specifying new features for ARK Connect, our primary focus in the upcoming weeks. Additionally, we accomplished the following tasks:

  • The default theme is now determined by the user’s set preference on the device
  • Enabled passing a fee for vote transactions
  • Added a fee indicator in voting approval screens
  • Enhanced the favicon color-based border for connected apps
  • Updated dependencies

Furthermore, we dedicated efforts to enhancing the Demo App , which introduced a custom fee component amongst other improvements. These enhancements will be included in the upcoming release.

Looking ahead to next week, we will finalize specifications for new features and commence work on their implementation. Additionally, we will continue to make general improvements based on feedback and address any reported issues.

ARK Scan Weekly Progress

Throughout the week, our focus remained on advancing the integration of Mainsail and continuing the basic integration of ARK Connect. Specifically, we achieved the following:

  • Made adjustments to the ARK Scan version for Mainsail and released it.
  • Implemented the ARK Connect navbar button and refined the general connection flow.
  • Made adjustments to the ARK Connect & ARK Vault banners.
  • Enhanced the testing suite for Mainsail.

In the upcoming week, our focus will remain on further integration of Mainsail and changes related to ARK Connect.

ARK Vault Weekly Progress

Similar to ARK Scan, our focus in ARK Vault shifted towards integrating Mainsail support. Our achievements this week include:

  • Added Mainsail as an additional development network option in ARK Vault.
  • Improved signing for Mainsail transactions
  • Added and improved support for Transfer, Multipayments and votes.
  • Started on adding username registration and resignation support.
  • Improvements have been made to showing validator data in the wallet.

Additionally, we made improvements to the Platform SDK to accommodate these changes.

Looking ahead, we will continue our efforts on Mainsail integration, aiming to release a testing version with basic transactions completed within the next couple of weeks.

Mainsail Weekly Progress

This week, we focused on preparing a new testnet release addressing reported issues from both delegates on the testnet and our internal team. The new testnet version includes the following updates:

  • Excluded the genesis block from fee calculation.
  • Implemented the management of static fees through milestones.
  • Synchronized milestones to the API database upon any changes.
  • Enhanced the milestones generator to include static fees.
  • Resolved issues with minority and majority calculation.
  • Introduced a new transactions/fees route.
  • Enabled the allowance of 0 nonce in queries on the /wallets endpoint.
  • Expanded test coverage with additional tests.

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can check out our introductory blog post for the Testnet release.

Furthermore, we’ve also released an updated version of the Mainsail ARK Scan testnet, which includes the following improvements:

  • Renamed Delegates to Validators.
  • Wallet Usernames are now visible in the user interface and are not restricted to Validators only.
  • Added fallbacks for Validators without a Username.
  • Fixed transaction and block exports.

We’ve also addressed the following issues:

  • Ensured the emission of consensus events at each stage, including new round initiation, proposal acceptance, and majority prevotes or precommits.
  • Rectified the delegate search functionality on the /delegates endpoint.
  • Expanded test coverage for transactions (TX).
  • Developed consensus tests covering various proposal scenarios such as missing proposals, double proposals, and multiple proposals.
  • Segregated test transaction builders into a separate package for reuse in different tests.

Looking ahead to next week, our focus will remain on addressing any reported or noticed issues. We’ll also continue preparing all necessary scripts and test cases for further testnet-targeted testing. Additionally, we’ll implement checks to verify transactions included in blocks and commence internal performance testing.

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