26th Jan 2024
3 min read

ARK Development Report - January 26, 2024

Welcome to our latest Weekly Development Report, where we spotlight the valiant efforts of our development team. This week, a new version of ARK Scan was released, incorporating numerous optimizations for data points and statistics. On the Mainsail front, ongoing efforts have been dedicated to general improvements and fixes, alongside the preparation of an initial Alpha release on NPMJS in readiness for testing.

Development Summary

Below is a breakdown of total commits and authors by project for development activity over the last week from January 19th through January 26th, 2024.

Project Commits Authors
Mainsail 18 2
ARK Scan 36 2
ARK Vault 0 0

Overall, the team has demonstrated consistent productivity and engagement over this period, with a total of 54 commits across all projects.

The number of commits and data for each project will fluctuate every week depending on internal sprints, objectives, and difficulty.

ARK Scan Weekly Progress

This week, we released a new version of the ARK Scan , adding various optimizations. Among the changes are:

  • Refactored to prevent theme change spam.
  • Implemented caching for the price command.
  • Enhanced DTO typing of the Statistics page.
  • On the Statistics page, all currencies have improved caching.
  • Statistics now include loading states.

For more details about this release, refer to our changelog on GitHub .

In the upcoming week, our focus will remain on optimization efforts. We will particularly explore WebSockets data pooling and address some of the smaller bugs that have been identified.

Mainsail Weekly Progress

During the past week, our focus remained on general enhancements and bug fixes. Additionally, we completed the groundwork for the NPMJS Alpha release, gearing up for both internal and public testing. To provide specific details:

  • Enabled the allowance of 0 active validators at height 0, as the genesis block initializes the validator set. The initial validator count is established at height 1.
  • Rectified the allByIndex function in WalletRepositoryClone. It now returns cloned wallets from the original repository and is primarily utilized by the ValidatorSet to obtain a list of registered validators.
  • Implemented support for state exports on the ValidatorSet. Active validators are stored in the store under the activeValidators key as a string of public keys delimited by commas. Additionally, a restore method has been added to the ValidatorSet.
  • Extracted the State class from the Store. The State now exclusively contains blockchain-related data and facilitates snapshot export and import. It primarily encompasses node state data, such as bootstrap status.
  • Addressed an issue related to username registration errors. When overwriting a wallet username, the previously used username is removed from the index, making it available for reuse.
  • Released the alpha version of Mainsail on NPMJS with the current version marked as 0.0.1-alpha.2.
  • Implemented various fixes and refactorings.

Looking ahead, the upcoming week will involve continued writing of documentation for Mainsail and addressing fixes to enable the integration of public nodes into the existing testnet network.

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