27th Oct 2023
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ARK Development Report - October 27, 2023

Welcome to our latest Weekly Development Report, where we spotlight the valiant efforts of our development team. In this edition, we highlight the ongoing efforts of our development team. This week, we released a minor update for ARK Scan, addressing a few small UI issues. Additionally, we started the work on unifying the design of the Delegate Monitor page. On the Mainsail front, we concentrated on improving API test coverage and started the development of dynamic validator size adjustments.

Development Summary

Below is a breakdown of total commits and authors by project for development activity over the last week from October 20th through October 27th, 2023.

Project Commits Authors
Mainsail 28 2
ARK Scan 26 2
ARK Vault 0 0

Overall, the team has demonstrated consistent productivity and engagement over this period, with a total of 54 commits across all projects.

The number of commits and data for each project will fluctuate on a weekly basis depending on internal sprints, objectives, and difficulty.

ARK Scan Weekly Progress

At the beginning of this week, we released a small update for ARK Scan, addressing reported minor UI issues. The complete changelog is available on GitHub .

We’ve also initiated the process of redesigning the Delegate Monitor page, which will involve introducing a new feature allowing users to select their favorite delegates. At the same time, we’ve started integrating the search design within the overall site design. The tasks accomplished this week include:

  • Resolving a responsive issue on the Statistics page that caused larger numbers to expand to the next line on smaller screens.
  • Implementing additional improvements to the loading indicators and adjusting breakpoints on the Exchanges and Top Accounts pages.
  • Updating the design of the search feature in the navigation bar to ensure consistency with other pages on the site and enhance user-friendliness.
  • We’ve introduced the option to mark delegates as favorites on the Delegate Monitor page, making it simpler to monitor delegate block production in each round.
  • On the Delegate Monitor page, we have enhanced the table design to align it with the site’s general style.

In the coming week, we plan to finalize the work on the Delegate Monitor page and address any outstanding reported issues.

Mainsail Weekly Progress

This week, we have made progress on API implementation and expanded its test coverage. To provide specific details:

  • Updated all CLI commands to accommodate the new directory structure.
  • Worked on enabling dynamic validator sizes, which is nearing completion. This allows for the adjustment of the number of active validators through milestones.
  • The default database configuration has been set to Postgres version 16.
  • Addressed missing test coverage for API controllers.
  • Unique constraints have been given explicit names to enhance error readability.
  • Improvements have been made to API synchronization, including the identification and resolution of issues preventing validator rounds from being recorded. This has made resynchronization more robust, reducing the need for frequent database drops.

In the upcoming week, the focus will remain on testing the API implementation and its performance, alongside finalizing and testing dynamic validator size adjustments.

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