5th Nov 2020
4 min read

ARK Explorer 4.0 First Look - A Block Explorer, Reimagined

We are excited to announce that we are in the final stretch of development for the all-new ARK Explorer that will bring you even more features and an improved user experience. Testing of the new Explorer starts next week on the ARK Development Network. Let’s go over the new design and the ARK Explorer’s newest features!

The new ARK Explorer has been in the works ever since we set out to unify the user experience of all products and services in the ARK Ecosystem. We aim to offer a consistent user journey ranging from our new website to the new wallets and more. All facades of our products and services will have the same familiar look and tone.

This article will focus on the user-facing side, but we’ll speak more about the technical aspects in an article to be released very shortly after this one, so be sure to check back to learn more about the ARK Explorer’s migration from TypeScript to Laravel!

Let’s dive into what the new ARK Explorer will offer.


The new ARK Explorer design has the same thematic approach as our new Website ARK.io . It uses the same colors, typography and design elements.

The first thing you will notice is that the search bar is more prominent on the homepage and offers an ‘Advanced Search’ function for quick access to more refined and targeted search queries. Locating relevant transactions from directly within the ARK Explorer will be simpler than ever.

Next, you will see two charts - one for the price history of ARK, and another for dynamic fees. Giving you the ability to quickly determine optimal fees for executing transactions as well as seeing fee history.

In the subsequent section, we added some interesting statistics such as transaction volume and the current amount of voting ARK.

The final section of the homepage shows the most recent transactions and blocks, offering a snapshot of recent Blockchain activity.

We have also added new icons for each of the transaction types, so they can easily be identified at a glance. There is also a new identicon system that gives each address a unique visual identifier. This feature will also be present in our new upcoming wallets for desktop and mobile.

Delegates Page

The Delegates page has been drastically improved to offer users and voters more information about the reliability and productivity of Delegates, information about their commissions, and a link to their (upcoming) MarketSquare profile to learn more about them.

A ‘Monitor’ tool has also been integrated into the ARK Explorer. Delegates will be able to see when they are expected to generate a block within a given round. This feature gives Delegates critical information, so they can time their server restarts, updates and more!

Wallets Page

The Wallets page lists all of the wallet addresses that have a balance on the ARK Public Network. The list is sorted by balance, highest first. You can also search by address using the search box.

User Wallet Page

Users get access the most important information about individual wallet addresses on this page. We further improved the table design of transaction history for readability, and the table now provides additional information.

Delegate Wallet Page

The individual Delegate wallet page will now show a lot more information about Delegates that are registered on the ARK Public Network. You will be able to see some of their commission information from right within their wallet page, such as their commission rate, payout interval and minimum payout.

Dark Mode

Don’t worry, dark mode lovers, we haven’t forgotten about you! The new ARK Explorer will also have an option to switch to the ‘Dark Side,’ for those that prefer it.


This is just a first look at the new ARK Explorer. We are excited for everyone to try it out and get familiar with it. More about the technical side of the new Explorer and all of the changes that aren’t visible to the user will be described in the blog post coming shortly after this post. Stay tuned!

If you want to be the first to test the all new ARK Explorer, be sure to check our ‘Explorer Beta Testing’ on our Development Network starting within the next couple weeks. You can learn more by joining our Slack and visiting the Devnet channel).


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