20th May 2021
4 min read

ARK Monthly Update - April 2021

April is over, and it’s time for an overview! This blog post will cover last month’s highlights, activities and achievements. We also release an update video on Twitter and our YouTube Channel. Let’s take a look at what’s been going on at ARK.io and within the ARK Ecosystem.

ARK Monthly Update Video

Last Month’s Activities

New Projects Joining MarketSquare

More Projects are joining MarketSquare :

  • The Nano Foundation fosters adoption of the Nano currency, which has near instant transactions and no fees.
  • NGRAVE offers an impressive suite of crypto security solutions including their flagship product, the NGRAVE ZERO hardware wallet.
  • Morpheus Labs offers a product called SEED, a collection of Blockchain technology stacks and tools optimized for developers and students.

Check out the MarketSquare YouTube channel and join the conversations in the MarketSquare Discord server

Appearances & Interviews

In April, I sat down with BLOCKCHAIN MONKEYZ for their inaugural episode of the ‘HOT16’ show discussing ARK and MarketSquare .


We also promoted ARK and MarketSquare during the whole month of April via the Wild West Crypto Show , topping off the campaign with an interview as well.

ARK on Wild West Crypto Show

The ARK logo took to the racetrack with Corey LaJoie at the wheel of the ARK7 in the Blue Emu 500 .

ARK7 NASCAR driven by Corey LaJoie.ARK7 NASCAR driven by Corey LaJoie.

Also during April, ARK Co-Founder Travis Walker was a guest for an AMA with StealthEX .

New TBO Episode

MarketSquare released a new episode of our new video series exploring Blockchains in popular films and TV shows.

The Blockchains of In Time

ARK Shop Integrates with NOWPayments

We promoted the ARK Shop with a video on the ARK YouTube channel, and the shop is now integrated with NOWPayments .

ARK Shop video

First Look at Nodem

ARK.io released a blog article with a first look at Nodem , the ultimate Blockchain node manager.

Compendia Network Voting

Powered by ARK, Compendia Network announced that all genesis votes have been redeemed and the Compendia network voting is now fully in the hands of BIND holders.

MLH Workshops

ARK.io’s partner MLH hosted two virtual ARK workshops for developers.

Bounties & Careers

Developers can earn ARK in our Development & Security Bounty Program . We are also hiring, with details on [ARK.io/Careers](https://ark.io/careers .

What’s Next

We are gearing up to release new products soon, including the MarketSquare Public Beta. Get more details at MarketSquare.io

Visit the ARK Roadmap to follow our development and see what else we have planned.

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