18th Dec 2023
4 min read

ARK Scan Updated - Statistics Page (Insights)

The most recent update to ARK Scan unveils significant enhancements to the Statistics page , introducing a variety of insightful new features. We will explore these newly added sections in detail.

We’ve expanded the ARK Scan interface with a substantial ‘Insights’ section, offering a rich array of intriguing on-chain and exchange data. This section is meticulously organized into five distinct parts, each of which we will examine in depth below.

Transaction Data

Transaction data has 3 subsections - All-Time, Daily Averages and Records.


In this subsection, we present the cumulative count of transactions on the ARK network, categorized into transaction types - Transfers, Multipayments, Votes, Unvotes, Switch Votes, Delegate Registrations, and Delegate Resignations.

Daily Averages

This subsection displays daily averages since the start of the network:

  • Transactions - Total number of daily transactions across all types.
  • Transactions Volume - Average daily transaction amount.
  • Transaction Fees - Average daily fees paid.


Who doesn’t like to see some records that occurred throughout these years? The subsection lists records for some of the “record holders”:

  • Largest Transaction - The highest transaction value (excluding the Genesis transaction).
  • Largest Block - The sum of transaction amounts in a single block (excluding the Genesis block).
  • Highest Fee - The most significant sum of transactional fees in any single block.
  • Most Transactions in a Block - The maximum number of transactions in a single block.

Market Data

Market data has 3 subsections - Price, Exchanges Volume and Market Cap.


This subsection provides fundamental price-related information:

  • Daily Range - The range from the lowest to the highest recorded price for the day.
  • 52-Week Range - The price range within the latest 52 weeks.
  • All-Time Low - The lowest recorded price point for ARK.
  • All-Time High - The highest recorded price point for ARK.

Exchanges Volume

Data on reported exchange volumes includes:

  • Today’s Volume - The total reported volume for tracked exchanges in a day.
  • All-Time Low - The lowest recorded exchange volume in a single day.
  • All-Time High - The highest recorded exchange volume in a single day.

Market Cap

Information related to the market cap of ARK coins:

  • Today’s Value: Current market cap of the ARK network.
  • All-Time Low: Lowest recorded market cap in a single day.
  • All-Time High: Highest recorded market cap in a single day.

Delegate Data

This section details information about ARK network delegates:

  • Most Unique Voters - Number of distinct addresses voting for a delegate, excluding “dust” addresses.
  • Least Unique Voters - Delegate with the fewest voters (more than 0).
  • Oldest Active Delegate - The oldest registered delegate that is actively forging on the network.
  • Newest Active Delegate - The latest registered delegate that is actively forging on the network.
  • Most Blocks Forged (All-Time) - Delegate with the highest number of blocks forged since the network’s inception.

Address Data

This section has two subsections - Address Holdings and Unique Addresses.

Address Holdings

This subsection lists the number of addresses holding ARK tokens above specific thresholds: 1 ARK, 1,000 ARK, 10,000 ARK, 100,000 ARK, and 1,000,000 ARK.

Unique Addresses

Addresses with distinctive characteristics are highlighted:

  • Genesis - The initial address that first interacted with the network.
  • Newest - The most recent address to interact with the network for the first time.
  • Most Transactions - The address with the highest transaction count (outgoing).
  • Largest - The address currently holding the most ARK tokens.

Annual Data

This section provides essential annual data since the inception of the ARK network. The annual data includes:

  • Year - The year for which the data occurred.
  • Tx - The sum of all transactions for the year.
  • Volume - The sum of all transaction amounts for the year.
  • Fees - The sum of all transaction fees for the year.
  • Blocks - The number of successfully confirmed blocks for the year.

An interesting observation is that with the introduction of multipayments, transaction numbers have decreased as many delegates now use this feature for distributions.


We encourage you to delve into the comprehensive insights available on on-chain and exchange data. Your input is highly appreciated. Should you have any recommendations for improving current sections or ideas for new ones, we warmly welcome your contributions. Engage with us by starting a discussion through an issue on ARK Scan’s GitHub page or reaching out to us through the contact form on our website.

What’s Next for ARK Scan?

In our forthcoming release, our primary emphasis will be on completing the remaining code cleanup tasks and refactoring certain aspects of the application. Additionally, we’ll be introducing the new ‘Dim’ theme, providing additional customization options to enhance your experience with ARK Scan. Please stay tuned for further updates and improvements.

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