6th Nov 2023
4 min read

ARK Scan Updates - Delegate Monitor

The latest design update for the facelifted ARK Scan has recently been released. The design of the Delegate Monitor has been aligned with the rest of the pages, and a new feature has been introduced for users interested in tracking their favorite delegates. Let’s delve into the update.

Information Boxes

In the updated information box section, no data changes have been made, except for a design update to align with the overall app design. Here’s what you’ll find in the information boxes:

  • Forging States: Here, you can see the overall states of delegates who are producing blocks (Forging), have recently missed a block (Missed), or have missed blocks for a prolonged period of time (Not Forging).
  • Current Height: It shows the current blockchain height, indicating the number of blocks produced and confirmed since the start of the network.
  • Current Round: This section indicates the number of blocks produced in the current round. A round concludes after 51 blocks are produced, signaling the start of a new one.
  • Next Slot: Here, you can see which delegate is next in line to produce a block. Clicking on it allows you to visit the delegate’s address page.

Delegate Monitor Table

The Delegate Monitor table has undergone a design update to match other tables on the ARK Scan. The table presents the following data:

  • Order: It displays the current round’s order of forging. The forging order for delegates is determined by an algorithm and varies for each round.
  • Delegate: This column lists the names of delegates, and users can click on them to access the specific delegate’s address page for more information.
  • Status: It shows the current round’s progress in block production. The status can be Block Generated (a new block has been generated in the round), Generating (delegates’ turn to produce a block), Pending (waiting for the turn to produce a block), or Blocks Missed (failed to produce a block in the round, along with the number of consecutive blocks missed).
  • Time to Forge: This indicates the time remaining until a specific delegate’s turn to produce a block in the current round.
  • Block Height: This section shows the height at which the block was produced. Clicking on it provides additional information about the specific block.

Favoriting Delegates

A new feature has been added, allowing users to ‘favorite’ delegates they wish to keep an eye on. This can be done by clicking the star icon on the left side of the table. If users want to unfavorite a delegate, they can simply click the star icon again.

Favorited delegates are always displayed at the top of the table, unaffected by the forging order in each round. This allows users to easily track their preferred delegates. Users can select one or more delegates to favorite.

To summarize the updates to the Delegate Monitor page, please refer to the comparison image below, which illustrates the changes from the old design to the new design:

Other Updates

Concurrently, design updates have been applied to search results, aligning them with the table design elements. This simplifies the interface and enhances readability. Additionally, the type of transactions is now displayed when users search by transaction ID.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, with the latest release of the ARK Scan, we have completed the redesign phase of the ARK Scan. We trust that you will find the new look with more intuitive design elements enjoyable. In the coming weeks, we will closely monitor for any reported issues and address them appropriately. Additionally, we will work on resolving minor bugs that have been encountered over the past few weeks and undertake code cleanup to enhance codebase readability, while also implementing certain recommendations for the ‘Statistics’ page.

If you come across any bugs or have suggestions for improvements, please don’t hesitate to open an issue on the ARK Scan’s GitHub page . Your feedback is valuable to us in ensuring a better user experience.

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