24th Aug 2023
4 min read

ARK Scan Updates - Delegates Page

We’ve released a new update for ARK Scan, introducing a refreshed ‘Delegates’ page and relocating the ‘Delegate Monitor’ to its dedicated page. Let’s go over the changes.

The revamped ‘Delegates ’ page takes on a simplified approach to data presentation. Productivity is shown using actual numerical values for enhanced comprehension. The functionality has been expanded through the addition of two new tabs: Missed Blocks and Recent Votes.

Information Boxes

In the updated information box section, three boxes are now available:

  • Missed Blocks (30 Days): Displays the count of blocks missed within the past 30 days, along with the number of distinct delegates who missed them. Clicking ‘View’ opens the ‘Missed Blocks’ tab in the table for detailed information.
  • Voting (X Addresses): Shows the count of unique addresses currently voting for delegates, along with the total amount of ARK tokens currently engaged in voting. The latter is expressed as a percentage of the total supply.
  • How to Become a Delegate: This box outlines the steps for users to register as delegates. A link to a comprehensive guide on our documentation site is provided.

Delegates Tab

Aligned with the layout of other pages and updates, the Delegates tab features a newly streamlined table design. This table furnishes comprehensive delegate information, including:

  • Rank: Indicates the present rank based on voting weight.
  • Delegate: Presents the delegate’s name with a link to their address for further details.
  • Status: Reflects the current status of the delegate (Active, Standby, or Resigned).
  • # of Voters: Displays the count of distinct addresses voting for the delegate.
  • Votes (ARK): Specifies the number of tokens currently voting for the delegate.
  • Percentage: Indicates the proportion of votes relative to the total ARK supply.
  • Missed Blocks (30d): Shows the number of blocks missed by the delegate within the previous 30 days. Color coding highlights productivity: green signifies high, orange denotes reduced, and red signifies low reliability.
  • Vote: Offers swift access for casting a vote for the selected delegate. This action opens a modal in ARK Vault, with the chosen delegate preselected for voting.

A filtering option is available, enabling users to sort delegates based on status or any combination of the three available statuses.

Missed Blocks

The Missed Blocks section provides detailed insights into delegates who missed their scheduled block within the last 30 days:

  • Block Height: Indicates the block height at which the delegate was expected to forge a block but failed to do so.
  • Age: Specifies the time elapsed since the missed block was supposed to be forged; a full timestamp is available upon hover.
  • Delegate: Displays the delegate who missed the block, with a link to their address for more information.
  • # of Voters: Indicates the number of distinct addresses voting for the delegate in question.
  • Votes (ARK): Shows the quantity of ARK tokens voted for by the delegate.
  • Percentage: Presents the percentage of the total supply currently participating in voting for this delegate.

Recent Votes

The Recent Votes section highlights voting transactions occurring on the network within the last 30 days, offering basic details:

  • TX Id: Displays the transaction’s ID, with an option to access additional details upon clicking.
  • Age: Indicates when the transaction occured; on hover we show full timestamp.
  • Addressing: Specifies the address responsible for the transaction, on click you can see the address detail.
  • Type: Reveals the transaction type (Vote, Unvote, or Vote Swap), with supplementary information accessible upon hover.
  • Delegate: Identifies the delegate affected by the vote, unvote, or vote swap.

Users can choose to utilize filters based on voting transaction types, individually or in combinations, enabling personalized presentation of voting transactions in the table.

Delegate Monitor

To distinguish between the general ‘Delegates’ page (targeted at regular ARK users) and the ‘Delegate Monitor’ (geared toward delegates), we’ve introduced a separate page. This section is accessible under Resources -> Delegate Monitor in the navigation bar. The page’s design and data remain unchanged for now.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you will find these modifications and updates to the ‘Delegates’ page, along with the separation of the ‘Delegate Monitor’, beneficial. We value your input and encourage you to report any encountered issues through ARK Scan’s GitHub page .

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