11th Jan 2024
2 min read

ARK Scan Updates - Dim Theme

The most recent update for ARK Scan has been released. This update introduces a new user-selectable theme, ‘Dim Theme,’ expanding the existing options of Dark and Light themes. Additionally, various other enhancements have been incorporated, and we’ll delve into those as well.

Introducing the first update of the year for the ARK Scan. In this release, a notable addition comes in the form of a new color theme – the ‘Dim Theme.’ Designed to elevate user experience, this alternative color palette provides a subdued and visually comfortable interface for exploring blockchain data. With a keen awareness of user diversity, we’ve introduced the ‘Dim Theme’ to mitigate eye strain during exploration sessions without sacrificing functionality. Embrace a more visually soothing and personalized blockchain exploration with the latest addition to the ARK Scan.

The ‘Dim Theme’ option is located in the standard theme adjustment section at the right corner of the navbar. Notably, we have transitioned from a button toggle-switch to a dropdown menu, considering the expanded selection of themes now available. The presently selected theme is easily identifiable through a theme-specific icon, which also serves as a button to access the dropdown menu for theme selection.

Other Improvements

In this release, we have also implemented several fixes and enhancements, including:

  • Addressed an issue related to displaying a red -1% for new delegates’ productivity on the delegates page; it will now correctly show 0%.
  • Resolved a size issue with export/filter buttons, which were excessively large.
  • Adjusted the padding in the footer for mobile devices to align with the intended size.
  • Reduced the width of the transaction amount UI in the table on mobile devices.
  • Corrected the timestamps of the transaction table on mobile, ensuring they update when navigating through pages.
  • Updated the pluralization of missed delegates.
  • Aligned the Dockerfile with the latest modifications.

If you want to view all the changes in this version, you can check out the release Changelog .

What’s Next for ARK Scan?

The latest significant task for ARK Scan is now complete. The upcoming focus includes code cleanup, addressing reported issues, and exploring ways to further optimize the app’s performance.

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