23rd Nov 2023
2 min read

ARK Scan Updates - General Improvements

The most recent update for ARK Scan is now available. In this release, we’ve incorporated user experience enhancements based on suggestions and streamlined certain data points.

We’ve focused on making the user interface more intuitive and streamlined, ensuring that the information you need is both accessible and easy to understand. Here are some of the key improvements you’ll discover:

We’ve made it easier to reach the Exchanges page by adding a button to the price chart on the homepage. This lets users quickly see which exchanges have ARK listed. Before, users had to click through multiple times to find a list of exchanges that support ARK. This change makes it simpler for users to find the available exchanges for ARK without unnecessary clicks or searches.

Previously, we used different data points and update times for the navigation bar price, the graph price, and user balances. This could cause confusion for users who had the page open for extended periods, as they might observe different price points. We’ve now streamlined how we handle the current price across the app, ensuring consistent data usage across the navbar, price charts, and the current user balance in the selected currency.

Furthermore, we’ve relocated the more detailed price graph from the Statistics page to the top of the Exchanges page. We believe this graph is a better fit for the Exchanges page, with additional data slated for inclusion on the Statistics page.

We’ve enhanced the favoriting feature on the Delegate Monitor page. We moved the favoriting function from the backend to the frontend, resulting in a much smoother responsiveness. This improvement addresses a previous issue where selecting multiple favorite delegates simultaneously could lead to errors.

For a comprehensive overview of all the enhancements made in this release, please refer to our changelog on GitHub.

We trust you’ll find these improvements valuable. If you have any further suggestions, please feel free to submit them to ARK Scan’s GitHub Page . We eagerly await your input!

What’s on the Horizon?

Our upcoming release will center around further enhancements to the statistics page, incorporating a wealth of interesting information about on-chain and market data. Stay tuned for the next release!

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