29th Mar 2021
3 min read

Aureal is Coming to MarketSquare

As we continue working towards the launch of MarketSquare beta, we want to share with you some of the great projects and services that are joining us. If you haven’t signed up for MarketSquare Beta , there is still time. We also recently released an article detailing Hubs on MarketSquare. Today, let’s welcome Aureal to MarketSquare!

What is Aureal?

Aureal is a decentralized podcast platform built on top of Hive. Aureal acts as a bridge between traditional audio content creators (podcasters) and consumers by connecting them to Web 3.0.

The team at Aureal aims to solve the everlasting and painful problem of podcast monetization and discovery without using advertisements. More importantly, the team strives to provide content creators with all the necessary tools they may require.

When it comes to dapps, user interface and user experience seem to be an issue. Users have a difficult time getting acquainted with the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Aureal aims to solve all these issues by having a design-first approach. Aureal has a seamless, minimalistic and intuitive user interface which makes the transition to Web 3.0 a cakewalk.

Here are some of the features provided by Aureal:

  • You can connect your podcast and have your episodes published automatically no matter where you are.
  • You can go live, host your own sessions and publish them as an exclusive podcast on Aureal. (coming soon)
  • You can get detailed analytics about the consumption of content so that you can adapt accordingly. (coming soon)
  • Incentivizing content creators by rewarding them for their content.

Aureal is currently available on the Web and Google play store:

Aureal will also be launching on the Apple App Store and Chrome WebStore in the near future.

When asked about what their main goals with the platform are, the Aureal team responded: “Our aim is to make sure that every creator gets the value for their effort - because, your voice is worth something.”

Aureal & MarketSquare

We are incredibly excited at MarketSquare to be including projects that are focused on creating benefits for their users. Moreover, Aureal seeks to fix discoverability issues and help content creators discover different avenues regarding content monetization.

On MarketSquare, Aureal will have their own project page where they can highlight information about their project, their services and more!

While you wait for the MarketSquare Beta, be sure to sign up at MarketSquare.io and subscribe to our YouTube channel for an upcoming video about Aureal.

Stay tuned to our blog and updates for all major announcements concerning MarketSquare!

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