30th Mar 2023
2 min read

Core v3.7.0 Has Been Released

A New Core version has just been released which improves security and resiliency on APIs as well as some other improvements and updates to the dependencies.

One of the biggest improvements in this new release is the improvement in the resilience of public API as well as adding timeouts for slow queries. We have achieved this by making queries on API ranked, with the introduction of the new Semaphore plugin on certain endpoints, which will limit the number of concurrent requests to improve responsiveness. The Semaphore plugin makes the public API more robust.

Note that everyday users don’t have to do anything in order to continue using the ARK products (such as ARKVault or ARKScan ).

All delegates and node operators please update your nodes accordingly to the latest ARK Core version (especially if you have enabled public API).

As Semaphore is optional, you can enable/disable it via the .env file. If you do not use the public API, the plugin is not loaded at all regardless of the .env file content.

You can enable or disable it in the .env file:

  • If you want to disable the plugin variable should be set as: CORE_API_SEMAPHORE_DISABLED=true
  • If you want to enable the plugin variable should be cleared or set as: CORE_API_SEMAPHORE_DISABLED=false

For a full list of changes in v3.7.0 read the changelog on GitHub.

Warning for Node Operators

Since Node v14 is nearing EOL support next month we are urging everyone to update to Node v16.x.x as soon as possible. To do so you can check your node version first by running this command:

node -v

If you are on Node v14 perform these commands to update to node v16 & latest ARK version:

sudo sed -i s/node_14/node_16/ /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nodesource.list
sudo apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get upgrade -y
pm2 stop all && yarn global upgrade
ark update
pm2 start all

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