27th Feb 2024
4 min read

Introducing ARK Connect - Web3 Browser Extension

We are announcing the release of a new app (browser extension) developed for ARK Ecosystem through collaboration between teams from Ardent and Protokol over the past few months. ARK Connect offers a fresh approach to interacting, connecting, and authenticating with your ARK addresses for various services and apps. It is now accessible on Chrome and Firefox.

ARK Connect is an open-source browser extension that facilitates connecting ARK addresses to Web3 applications in a novel manner. ARK Connect is compatible with:

For more details about the browser extension, visit ARKConnect.io .

Upon installation, users will undergo a simple onboarding process to familiarize themselves with some of the fundamental features. Let’s dig into some of these basic browser flows below.

Dashboard Page

After completing the onboarding process (creating or importing an existing ARK address), users will be directed to the dashboard page. Here, they can conveniently view the balance and the selected currency value of their holdings for the currently set primary address. The navigation bar allows users to easily identify their current primary address and access other sections of the application with simple clicks.

In this initial release, we have also developed a straightforward web application, accessible via a link on the dashboard homepage, for users to test the extension’s capabilities firsthand. This demo serves as an illustration of how developers can integrate interactions with the extension. It supports basic functionalities such as viewing the last 10 transactions, identifying the delegate a user’s address votes for, and enabling actions like signing a message, sending coins, or voting/unvoting for a delegate.

Demo app is available here .

Support for Multiple Addresses

Users can import multiple addresses into ARK Connect for interaction on the web. By clicking on the dropdown menu in the navigation bar where the current primary address is displayed, users can effortlessly view all imported addresses along with basic information such as address name and balance in ARK. Additionally, users can copy the address to the clipboard by clicking on the copy icon and conveniently access management options via the cog icon on the right.

Moreover, users can effortlessly add additional addresses to ARK Connect by clicking on the ‘+’ button. Switching the primary address is also seamless, achieved by clicking the radio button on the left of the desired address.

Support for Ledger Devices and Passphrase Imports

Users have the flexibility to import addresses at any time, utilizing either their passphrases or Ledger devices. The import process is straightforward, with support provided for both Mainnet (Live Network) and Devnet (Test Network). Importing via a Ledger device allows for the simultaneous import of multiple addresses with just a few clicks.

Customization Options via Settings Page

All features and customization options are conveniently accessible from the navigation bar by clicking on the kebab menu icon on the right. Users can tailor the plugin to suit their requirements. Managing connections to apps, creating or importing an address, changing passwords, setting local currency, and configuring the lock timer are just a few of the options readily available.

Dark Theme Support

For those who prefer a darker aesthetic, ARK Connect caters to dark theme enthusiasts. The dark theme can be activated from the settings page by toggling the ‘Dark Mode’ feature, transforming the extension into a darker-toned theme for a more eye-friendly experience.

Conclusion & What’s Next

We’ve touched upon some of the fundamental aspects of the application, leaving room for you to explore the extension on your own. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we encourage you to take the time to thoroughly test ARK Connect. Your insights will play a crucial role in refining and enhancing ARK Connect, making it an integral part of the ARK Ecosystem’s network.

Given the early beta release, our focus will be on addressing any reported issues from your testing or our internal team. The demo app serves as a basic illustration of ARK Connect’s use case. In the future, you can anticipate more integrations within the ARK Ecosystem through the ARK Scan and ARK Vault app.

Bug or Feature Request

Given the early beta nature of this build, users might encounter bugs or identify features they wish to address in the extension or demo app. We appreciate it if users could report any bugs or submit feature requests on the corresponding GitHub repositories:

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