29th Sep 2020
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Introducing ARK Migrator — Move Your ERC20 Token to Your Own Native Blockchain

It is with great excitement that we announce the ARK Migrator. Leave Ethereum behind and move YOUR project to YOUR own blockchain! Escape the fees and congestion. The ARK Migrator allows you to quickly and easily convert your ERC20 token into tokens for an ARK-based blockchain. This project was created jointly by ARK and our partner Hiway and will launch alongside our new Deployer. Let’s take a look and see why moving from an ERC20 token to a token on an ARK-based blockchain might be the best move for your project!

The ARK Migrator

We would like to thank our partners at Hiway for all their help in bringing the ARK Migrator to life. The ARK Migrator was built to assist developers in making the leap from Ethereum to the ARK Ecosystem. Using our Deployer, all of the heavy lifting is taken care of when deploying your own blockchain. The seed servers, relays and parameters are all easily configured to get your blockchain up and running in minutes. However, once your network is active you can use the ARK Migrator to simply and quickly convert ERC20 tokens to tokens for an ARK-based blockchain. This entire process has been designed to make the creation of your own independent blockchain and conversion to an ARK based token as smooth as possible. As a tool made for developers, a developer can host the ARK Migrator on their own servers in order to aid in the token swap.

The ARK Migrator is designed to facilitate migration in three easy steps.

The entire process is straightforward and can be done in three easy steps. By using the ARK Migrator’s frontend application a user will perform the following steps:

Step 1: Input your address information for the new stand-alone Blockchain and the amount you want to migrate. All of the ERC20 information will be auto-filled for you by MetaMask.

Step 2: Review the transaction information to ensure it is correct and click “Accept”.

Step 3: Once the transaction is accepted the conversion will be automatic and processed in the background.

That’s it. Functional, reliable and a great complementary tool for developers looking to convert their ERC20 tokens over to a sovereign Blockchain.

Simon Rikmenspoel, CEO of Hiway stated: “Being a part of the development of the ARK Migrator allowed us a fascinating peek within the ARK Network. An ever-evolving and boundary-pushing blockchain which made the development of something as complicated as the migrator a walk in the park.”

Now while the process is incredibly simple, you may be wondering, what are the benefits of migrating from Ethereum to ARK? While both networks have their strong points, we believe the benefits of switching tilt greatly in ARK’s favor.

Benefits Of Migrating an Ethereum Project to ARK

The ARK Blockchain was built on the belief that blockchains should be sovereign. In fact, it is one of the core beliefs in our whitepaper and a tenet of everything we build. It is our goal to not only make Blockchain easier for everyone but to do so in a way that keeps to the fundamentals of sovereignty and decentralization. If your blockchain and your product are tethered to Ethereum and suffering from high fees and network congestion, it’s time to cut the cord. With ARK Migrator, that process becomes as seamless as using Deployer.

What Do You Get?

  • A Sovereign Blockchain with its own economics and staking
  • Wallet Integration with the ARK Desktop and Mobile Wallet
  • A fully functioning Block Explorer
  • Seamless Integration with MarketSquare.io
  • Native node monitoring tool in Nodem.io (coming soon)
  • Access to a community of like-minded developers and projects

ARK’s Blockchain Framework counters the inefficiencies of the Ethereum network in nearly every way. Our blockchain framework is highly customizable, seamlessly integrates your project among our entire suite of products, and provides you with extensive documentation to get everything up and running. But in case you need some more reasons on why you should switch, take a look at this:

Why Switch?

  • Autonomy
  • Decentralization
  • Low Fees
  • Staking
  • Custom Transactions

As a business, we understand that many projects have staked their livelihood on the success of their project. Therefore we believe all projects should have autonomy and not be constrained to a single network. By being truly decentralized and having your own native blockchain, you decide your project’s future. You will never again pay astronomical gas fees for sending a transaction. There are already enough costs associated with running a business, high transaction fees shouldn’t be one of them. Lastly, by building on ARK’s Blockchain Framework you can take advantage of staking for your community using ARK’s Delegated Proof-of-Stake governance.

At the heart of all this is our belief in sovereignty. It is the basis of everything we do, and it is the reason we have developed these tools for everyone to freely use. So don’t just create a token — build your OWN blockchain. With ARK’s interoperable design, strong developer support and smart functionality the reasons for switching have never been clearer.

Ready to make the switch? Make sure you sign up for the Deployer beta: https://deployer.io


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