31st Mar 2021
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MarketSquare is Complete - Here's What's Happening Next

Ever since we announced that we were starting to build MarketSquare, the new homepage for the decentralized Web, the ARK Team has been hard at work with the design and coding process. The real question is, is the MarketSquare platform complete yet? YES! Here’s what’s happening next.

Everything you need to know about the MarketSquare launch

That’s right! The MarketSquare platform is now complete. Let’s talk about what that means and what’s happening next, including the MarketSquare Public Beta launch.

MarketSquare will soon become much more than just cool articles and videos - it will become a full platform where users and developers can connect with their favorite Blockchain-powered projects and businesses. It’s a platform for the entire Blockchain industry, not just for the ARK Ecosystem.

Internal Launch is Complete

During March, the ARK development team released the MarketSquare platform to the rest of the ARK team members and with that a wave of internal testing began. Everyone at ARK.io scoured the platform, ensuring that the platform was functioning correctly and reporting any minor bugs they found.

By the way, we’re not talking about bugs like ‘Hey, the entire website doesn’t work.’ We’re talking about bugs like ‘Hey, when I click the menu, the boxes jiggle a bit.’ So no big deal.

Bugs are getting repaired and serviced in preparation for the next stage of the release and launch of MarketSquare.

Partners & Projects Launch

The next stage is releasing the platform to our public list of partners and Projects that have joined MarketSquare. Partners and Projects like Travala.com, Electroneum, Splinterlands, Axie Infinity, TokenTax, 3Speak, and more, will gain full access to the MarketSquare platform. They’ll be able to create their accounts, set up their Profiles, and invite their Team Members.

Mailing List Launch

In the next stage of the launch, we will open up the platform further to the public by releasing it to the early adopters on our Public Beta mailing list. By the way, if you aren’t on the MarketSquare Public Beta mailing list, then you’d better get on it. When it’s time to release MarketSquare to our Public Beta mailing list, and you signed up to the list too late, you might not get that early access. Go to MarketSquare now and get your email address on that list.

Main Public Launch

After people on the mailing list get access to the platform, start using it, and give feedback on it, we’ll start the process of opening up the entire platform to everyone, everywhere. MarketSquare will become fully public, and anyone will be able to use it to discover real products and services all over the cryptosphere, or register their Projects and businesses at will.

What About Post-Launch?

After all launches are complete, we’ll execute the roadmap of bringing updates and new features to the platform. The initial release of the Public Beta of MarketSquare will consist of a base layer of features and functionalities. That means Accounts, Profiles, Hubs, Product Pages and more. Over time, we’ll be upgrading MarketSquare with Social Updates, Career Updates, Knowledge Hub Updates, Promotional Updates, Content Updates and crypto transaction integrations.

How Soon is MarketSquare Happening?

Soon. Not even lowercase soon, UPPERCASE SOON. Be sure to get on the MarketSquare Public Beta mailing list to get your early access.

We have already begun a main outreach campaign by enlisting over two dozen video content creators in the industry, some of whom have over 100k subscribers. Utilizing these creators, we kicked things off with sponsored content about our most popular video, The Blockchains of Ready Player One , but this new sponsored content engine with these popular creators could also be used for upcoming announcements, including the main public launch of MarketSquare.

MarketSquare Platform Overview

As the anticipation grows, learn about the platform and what it can do for the industry by watching this MarketSquare platform overview we recently gave at DYGYCON , a virtual Blockchain conference focused on gaming, DeFi and NFTs.

MarketSquare Presentation at DYGYCON

We’re excited to bring our completed platform to the public so we can all build a community together, and move the entire industry forward towards mass adoption. Not only that, but we will be right here giving all of you out there full updates on each stage of the launch process.

Upcoming announcements:

  • Partners & Projects Launch
  • Mailing List Launch
  • Main Public Launch

See you soon!

Join MarketSquare Public Beta mailing list here .


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