28th Feb 2022
3 min read

Progress Update : Payvo, Nodem & Deployer

It has been a long journey, but our newest products are almost here. Over the next few months, we will be preparing to release the next generation of ARK with Payvo, Nodem, and our new Deployer (in that order). Let’s take a look at each product and what is still needed to get them across the finish line.


As we discussed in our previous blog post , Payvo will be the best possible white-label solution for anyone looking to launch an ARK-based blockchain. It will be easy to deploy, easy to manage, and will allow you to send, receive, and vote on your favorite ARK-based blockchains, even custom ones.

The current priority for Payvo is to finalize the implementation of the responsive design elements to ensure that users have a seamless experience no matter what device they are using. We expect the responsive designs to be fully integrated in the next few weeks.

After the responsive designs are completed, we will be turning our attention towards completing the following remaining items:

  • Custom Networks: We will be adding full support for adding custom networks to Payvo by utilizing a public or private server address.
  • Custom Servers: We will be adding full support for adding custom servers for a network. (Previously known as Custom Peers)

We will be looking to start our public beta for Payvo in March. If you would like to help us test, please follow our blog for full details on the public beta.


Nodem is still in heavy development and our focus is mainly on the Core Manager. Here is a list of a few of the recent updates to Nodem:

  • making use of pnpm for the manager plugin to match the latest devnet version of the Core
  • ensuring that npm channels are respected when updating the manager plugin
  • more elegant error handling in Nodem in case servers are experiencing issues
  • splitting up of background jobs for increased responsiveness to user-initiated actions
  • various smaller adjustments and fixes to bugs that were uncovered during QA testing

Once the Core Manager updates are complete, we will be ready to start finalizing the first beta release of Nodem. After the launch of the Payvo public beta, we will provide another update on Nodem and will have a better idea of when to expect the public beta.


Updating Deployer to a more robust and user-friendly experience was no small task. The new Deployer is a completely re-envisioned product that is both easier and more fun to use than the previous product. Our focus on deployer has been streamlining everything involved with customizing and deploying your own blockchain and the final product is a completely new user experience and flow that we are very proud of.

The main hurdles that are left at this point include:

  • A few remaining tweaks to the design and responsiveness
  • Extensive internal QA testing to ensure we catch all edge cases

Deployer will be the last product we release from our new suite of products. After we launch the public beta for Nodem, we will release additional details on a projected schedule for the public beta launch of Deployer.


The release of the above products will be a major milestone for the ARK Blockchain Platform and will greatly expand the capabilities and ease at which users will be able to customize, deploy, and manage their own sovereign ARK-based blockchains. Best of all, all of these products will always be 100% completely open-source, completely free to use with no added fees, and free to fork as well. We can’t wait to get them into your hands and get your feedback. Stay tuned to our blog for future updates and release dates for our public betas!


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