26th Aug 2020
4 min read

The Future of MarketSquare: What’s Next After Launch?

Earlier this summer we gave you an inside look at MarketSquare : The Homepage for the Decentralized Web, and reviewed all the features that will be launching with the platform when it goes live in Q4 2020. Today, we look towards the future. There are many updates planned after MarketSquare is released and we want to show you what we have in store!

If you would like to sign up for access to the beta and relevant updates relating to MarketSquare you can sign at https://www.marketsquare.io .

Once MarketSquare is officially launched in Q4 2020, we will be focusing on implementing new features that make discovering the decentralized web even easier. All these milestones within our post-launch MarketSquare roadmap can be classified as updates in the following categories: Social, Development, Education and Advertisement. Let’s take a look at how these updates will take shape!

Phase 1: Socialize

After launch, the next phase of MarketSquare’s roadmap is centered around creating social experiences for our users that are beneficial. Currently, many applications and products are developed with basic social features already implemented. For MarketSquare, we wanted to incorporate social features that are not only useful but that allow users, businesses and developers to engage with one another in meaningful ways. Here are some of the features that you can expect:

  • Messaging System — message and interact with other users, developers or teams that are using MarketSquare from within the platform!
  • Subscription System — do you have a favorite product or team that you want to follow? The subscription system in MarketSquare will make following your favorite projects simple and always keep you up to speed.
  • Notification System — a perfect way to receive updates and alerts without taking you away from your MarketSquare experience.

Phase 2: Develop

After the social update, we want to focus on updates that will continue growing the MarketSquare community. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to implement features that will help us create a thriving market for developer products and services. The systems we will implement during this update will allow developers to seek out and apply for long term employment, work on smaller bounty-type projects or post their own services. Behind every great product and project is a team of hardworking developers, here is how MarketSquare puts them front-and-center:

  • Careers— a system to allow businesses and developers to connect on long term contracts and employment opportunities.
  • Bounties — a system for project-specific contracts. Length of projects are on a project by project basis and can be customized by the creator.
  • Services — a system for the gig economy. Post your available services and allow businesses to hire you to help design, build, or market their projects.

Phase 3: Educate

Knowledge is power, and right now the entire blockchain industry could use some help with this. Information on most projects or their underlying technology is incredibly scarce. We believe that users need to have information on projects and products in one easy-to-navigate place. MarketSquare’s Knowledge Hub will allow our platform to have in-depth educational experience for all users. Here is what you can expect:

  • Tutorials and documentation organized by projects
  • A database of information all searchable in one place
  • Project-specific question and answer hubs

Phase 4: Promote

The promote phase is focused on building systems that allow businesses and plugins to promote themselves within the platform. A major part of our design philosophy is focused on creating ways for advertisements to be effective while at the same time, not being obtrusive to the user experience. Things you can expect during the advertise update include:

  • Promoted Listings
  • Ad Spots
  • Featured Posts & Press Releases

The Future of MarketSquare

The purpose of these updates is to demonstrate that MarketSquare is not just a finite product. MarketSquare is and will be an evolving and ever-changing platform. The features we add after launch are just the beginning and we are excited to welcome you to our community.

Make sure you secure your spot now by signing up for our public beta at: MarketSquare.io

Are you part of a blockchain project and want more information on MarketSquare? Send me an email at [email protected]


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